Measuring the growth in social capital, and the health of relationships, is not easy, but we co-create monitoring and evaluation frameworks with our clients to show impact.


Our Impact

We believe that it is vital to develop an impact measurement framework with our clients that measures quality of relationships, levels of empathy, sense of inclusion, and quality of communication.

These measures can in turn be used as input into our client’s measures of productivity.

Monitoring and Evaluation: We co-create an M&E framework that is unique to our client requirements.

Our past work with clients has produced significant, positive evidence of change in relationships in the workplace.

This video reflects our work with the Association for Communication and Advertising


Evidence of change

An evaluation of our 2018 client engagements shows amazing results. This evaluation was conducted by Singizi Consulting Africa, who based their findings on responses from 87 individuals across the companies that we worked with in that year. The analysis was focused on the impact of story sharing, referred to as What’s your Story (WYS) in this survey.

In adopting WYS, respondents stated that they have undertaken a number of different kinds of actions on a number of occasions. All of the WYS workplace respondents who adopted the approach indicated that they had repeated WYS more than once, and a full 41% reported they had repeated the process more than 15 times. In response to a multi-mention question (respondents could select more than one response) Singizi found that the kinds of actions taken by respondents included:

of the participants indicated that since undertaking WYS they had listened to someone else’s story;
of participants indicated that since undertaking WYS they had told their story to someone else;
of the participants indicated that they had told others about WYS and how to do it; and
of participants indicated that the person had brought a group of people together to engage in WYS with each other.
29% of respondents indicated that they wanted to improve relations between people in their organisation. A further 18% indicated that they wanted to share their experiences with someone else, while 18% indicated that they wanted to break down a barrier through the sharing of stories. 

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