What we do

Story sharing is at the heart of what we do – inspiring and equipping people to see the power of story, and to practice story sharing in their own workplace and life contexts – and making it a habit for life

TWhat we do

What We Do

The key outcome for our clients is strong and healthy relationships between individuals right across the organization. This leads to better communication, and a greater sense of inclusion by all. As a result, teamwork is enhanced, and productivity improves.

story sharing is at the heart of what we do – inspiring and equipping people to see the power of story, and to practice story sharing in their own workplace and life contexts – and making it a habit for life.

We engage with our clients to identify relational “pain points” which the organization may be experiencing. We then design an approach - using appropriate tools from our range of core services – that will tackle these pain points. We develop a client engagement plan that will cover the key objectives, inputs, outputs and desired impact of an engagement.



Our approach

Each client is different of course – so there is no one engagement model that will fit all. Typically, however, we will work with our clients over four phases:

  • a diagnostic phase where we seek to understand the current culture and climate in areas such as inclusion, empathy, and communication; and agreeing on the pain points that the client wishes to address, and the nature of the gains that they want to see.
  • an initial rollout phase where we embark on workshops, interventions and other offerings - to inspire and equip leaders and their people to engage through story-telling
  • a feedback phase where we, together with the client, assess the results of the initial roll-out. This precedes the implementation of more extensive initiatives to embed the processes that will have a positive impact on
  • an embedding phase – this is essential for embedding a culture of positive engagement and story-telling into the organization. This includes designing and rolling out tools and ideas that can be used by leaders and all people to make story a daily habit – in the “ordinary” times, but also during times of transition for the organization, and transition in the lives of individuals (eg. welcoming new recruits, recognizing life events like marriage or arrival of children, retirement, and so on)   

Our core services

We provide services and solutions that are designed to tackle your specific needs and help relieve identified pain points.

We typically use all or some of the following building blocks as part of the final design for your company:

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Pain points

You may be experiencing difficulties or “pain points” in your organization, and most often these have people relationships at their core. Where is the pain being felt in your organization? Which of these are you experiencing?

• There is dissonance among our management team when it comes to issues of culture, inclusion, diversity

• It appears that our workforce is not engaged. People are going through the motions, but the passion and purpose is lacking

• Workers don’t feel appreciated, they are not feeling heard; and the gap between leadership and staff still seems too wide

• We avoid tough conversations. People feel that this is not a safe place to speak, to air our views, to expose things that are wrong in our culture

• Team dynamics are often poor. In particular, where there is diversity in teams (gender, race, age), the dynamics don’t feel right

• Racial and xenophobic incidents, or undertones, are too frequent; and we struggle to deal with them effectively

• There are still too few women across our business, and gender is a sensitive issue

• Staff turnover is high, and exit interviews reveal that culture is often the culprit

• Absenteeism is on the rise – which may indicate that more people are feeling unhappy and frustrated in their jobs

There is an ongoing perception that “management is white, and workers are black”

Cultural differences are very evident, causing discomfort and frustration.

Engagement through story sharing will contribute towards relieving these pain points that you may be experiencing.

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