Who we are

Heartlines Consulting has a simple mission: to help its clients build social capital across their businesses. We believe that our history and our team equip us well for this task.

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Our History

Heartlines Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a consultancy focused on the South African workplace. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the highly successful social change NGO, The Heartlines Centre NPC, established in 2002. (www.heartlines.org.za)

Heartlines Consulting was established in 2017, and is rated as a Level 2 BBEEE company.

Heartlines Consulting draws on the extensive experience of The Heartlines Centre in the area of social and behavioural change, and bases its approach on the research done, and the Theory of Change, adopted by that organization. Heartlines Consulting has worked successfully with a broad range of clients from different industry sectors.


Our Team

The Heartlines Consulting team is made up of people who are passionate about relationships and positive behavioural change. Each of our facilitators has years of experience in working within group contexts, and we have a broad range of language skills across our team.

Meet The Team

What is social capital

Heartlines Consulting exists to help build social capital in the workplace.

We’re all about helping our clients create an inclusive and productive work environment, based on healthy relationships between people. This is the essence of social capital.

We define social capital like this: It’s the value created over time through the network of healthy relationships that are built right across the organization and with its stakeholders.

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We co-create solutions with our clients to inspire and equip people to safely engage with each other – with curiosity, empathy, and a desire to share in each other’s personal stories.

Engagement leads to better understanding and greater trust – resulting in healthy relationships and higher productivity.

Our approach has had a proven, positive impact on the pain points around diversity, racism and prejudice.

Our approach contributes towards building an inclusive workplace and creating a culture where all people feel connected, engaged and valued.

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